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Howdy pardner...

I'd like to welcome you to this here page o'mine, which has been whipped up in no time flat to give some support and outside discussion to the presently stunned Mambo open source project and community.

Why you say? What the heck is this all about? Well pilgrim, you've found yer way to just the place ya'll need to be to get those queries answered. Sure 'nuff this here place is where we can maybe have a chuckle over what's been goin' down of late, maybe even open some eyes to where this all could be headed.

So kick back in front o' the fire and we'll spin some yarns about what could be the biggest showdown Mambo has ever seen in the ol' west

Thankye kindly fer visitin',

The Lone Mamber

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Secret Mambo core team exposed!

That's right pilgrims, the secretive membership of the core Mambo gang has been revealed today. Well, not officially it seems but if ya'll pop over to the ol' ranch forum groups list it's plain to see.

After settin' such a scene for the new team, quite likely the first ever case of an open source project havin' secret membership, little wonder people have been wonderin' why this is so. Why keep their names a secret?

Well, if you fall for the spin of the forked tongue PR of Miro and Co, that would be due to all the hate mail they're afraid of recievin'. Which is downright laughable considerin' at this point the community formerly dedicated to Mambo is more than likely to feel sorry for 'em varmits than anythin' else.

So, maybe there's another reason for keepin' those names quiet. Oh yeah, wouldn't put it past them to have ulterior motives for such an action. Well, if yer thinkin' along those lines you'd be right.

Just for starters that purveyor of so-called journalism in the name of Miro's Foundation, Mr. Shreves, is one of the new core Mambo "Advocacy and PR" members. Now remember the teams were "announced", without bein' named, almost two weeks ago and Mr Shreves posted the most Miro slanted article he's written yet just a few days ago...

Yup, claimin' to be puttin' the word out on his perspective in the name of journalism and truth, this varmit was secretly a core team member. That about says all that needs to be said about that, now don't it.

Movin' on to the more important members of the team, the new core developers...

Well, what can I say about such a small posse? Not much, but here goes.

Now, before Miro took over and made this mess here, the way a pilgrim would make it into the core was thru provin' themselves as a 3PD. Ok, creatin' some useful add-ons and showin' that they had the time and inclination to really be able to add to the project. From that tried and tested method the Joomla! camp now has more than a dozen serious developers workin' away on 1.1.

Mambo has four, and these guys don't even seem to have any proven experience...

First up, who do we have in the core team but the guy who runs MamboHub.com. That's right, the Thai site that was first to hear about MamboLove.com and get those campy buttons. The conspirator of love, "ninekrit" (Akarawuth Tamrareang), who had a face to face meetin' with Lamont last month at a "conference" planned before the split. Who can say how long this move by Lamont's gang has been bein' planned for...

From what this ol' cowboy can tell with a few quick searches, seems like this guy is the only one with any real experience in Mambo development. Sure the guy has contributed much to the Thai Mambo community and good on 'im for that. Seems like his codin' experience can be summed up to doin' some translation of existin' add-ons tho.

Then we have "csouza", Carlos Souza, who I hear knows as much about developin' Mambo as Mergers & Aquisitions specialist Jim Begley. Which aint much, they sure is desperate over there. Anyway, this guy has done nothin' to encourage confidence in transparency lately, after makin' a fool of himself defendin' Miro's right to keep the new team a secret. He was postin' away as if he was just another member of the community, same time as he was I guess attemptin' to learn to code with Mambo...

Chad Auld, blogger at OpenSourcePenguin.net, has also joined the posse. He posted about the split on the 29th August and he was quite neighbourly about it as well. Seems like a nice enough guy from his blog there, altho who knows when he learned he was goin' to be joinin' the core team. Aint seein' any evidence of any Mambo dev experience here either.

Tho googlin' finds he has MySQL certification, and has worked on two other open source projects. One bein' "Customer Touch CRM". Well sugar, if that aint convenient.

Finally we get to Travis Fraser, Miro employee and head forum moderator "MamboMod". I expect this guy has some experience with Mambo, or at least the failure of a branch of the old 4.0 Mambo that was the Miro commercial version now known as Jango. Given the fact he's the only one that probably has proper knowledge of the system I guess that would make him the lead developer.

Miro employee, lead developer, ah no conflictin' interests there at all.

Seems like Miro have put together this team in little time and, well, no offence to those involved but are these the best devs they could find? Quite likely serious devs wouldn't touch the project core with a ten foot pole after the way them Miro varmits have behaved.

But wait, there's more! The Miro gang have gathered quite a listin' of all the members of their new teams, tho most of 'em seem to be servin' more than one role.

Not countin' the forum moderators' group, which even I can tell still contains people who aint happy with Miro's actions, or the SoC group which really have nothin' to do with Miro, the other groups which I've copied straight from the forum groups list are:

3PD Standards & Guidelines Team: csouza, dshah, mamboswiss.

Now, by it's name you'd reckon the "3PD Standards & Guidelines Team" would be made up of third party developers. Two of these guys are in the new core dev team tho, dunno who the other varmit is. Wait, he's a forum moderator as well, one of the new ones that is, not the old ones still listed...

Advocacy, PR and Membership: jbegley, lang3, mambogal, mambolot, mambotron, ninekrit, ricoflan, tallinn.

The PR team, now also the membership team whatever that means. The forked tongue journalist Ric Shreves is in there, along with Mr. Begley who has done nothin' for Mambo as far as positive PR so far.

Who else, all the mambo names are miro employess I reckon, ninekrit is the spearhead of the MamboLovers and a core dev, and lang3 is the chinese translation guy. Messy, aint it?

Mambo Development Team: cauld, csouza, eliasan, lang3, mambomod, mamboswiss, ninekrit.

Alright, covered these ones already, the others seem to have been thrown in to make it appear that there is a bigger core dev team. Lang3 the translator, eliasan the greek translator, and mamboswiss who's actual role is in the 3PD guidelines team. Tangled web it is.

Mambo Documentation Team: cauld, dshah, eliasan, mamboswiss.

So, same names over and over becomin' quite obvious aint it...

Mambo Foundation, Inc.: jbegley, mambogal, mambolot, mambomod, plamont, thechad66.

Hey, some honesty from the Miro posse, of a sort. But are these the Foundation Board members? If so, why weren't Foundation members informed? Hell, maybe they were, altho I reckon you could probably count the community members of the foundation on yer fingers and toes even after gettin' stranded in the desert for a week and havin' vultures chew 'em off.

Mambo Translation Team: almambo, AMU, csouza, eliasan, ferruccio, lang3, mamboswiss, quiquedcode, tallinn.

So this here would be the most accurate group, the translators. So that's what tallin's actual role is, tho I expect these guys will have their hands full already with all the other roles they're playin'.

Miro International Pty Ltd: catc, mambotron.

Uh, what's this? There's probably another five Miro employees and a CEO not listed right there. Unless Mr. Lamont and his cronies are takin' up full time positions under the Foundation dollar, I reckon this here group makes the whole shebang look suss as a preacher in Miss Philly's House of Ladies...

QA and Release Team: mambomod, mambotron.

QA and Release Team? Seems like they can't even write proper english for their group title, never mind that their main action in this group is probably to not release answers to questions. Hey, maybe these was the simpletons who got database abstraction mixed up with database extraction. Why, even this ol' cowboy can understand the difference.

Super Moderators: hazman, mambomod, seal_ho.

Finally the varmits responsible for runnin' the ol' forums into the mud, the super moderators. Hazman the fuzzy haired one and two miro employees, one with the misfortune of being called a Ho. I mean, Ms. Ho.

Shucks, I'm right tuckered out after goin' thru that list, hey if they was honest about the new team it woulda taken a half the time. Out of 44 members listed, there are only 23 individuals. Now that aint no way to run a township now is it?

Tho I guess not much more can be expected from a ghost town with the curse of broken open source ideals over it.

Looks like them varmits aint got far to go now before they can call it a day and sell the mess to some unsuspectin' venture capitalist or some such, and I'll keep right on reportin' it how I see it till the fat lamont sings.

Thankye kindly for readin',

The Lone Mamber