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Howdy pardner...

I'd like to welcome you to this here page o'mine, which has been whipped up in no time flat to give some support and outside discussion to the presently stunned Mambo open source project and community.

Why you say? What the heck is this all about? Well pilgrim, you've found yer way to just the place ya'll need to be to get those queries answered. Sure 'nuff this here place is where we can maybe have a chuckle over what's been goin' down of late, maybe even open some eyes to where this all could be headed.

So kick back in front o' the fire and we'll spin some yarns about what could be the biggest showdown Mambo has ever seen in the ol' west

Thankye kindly fer visitin',

The Lone Mamber

Thursday, September 01, 2005

JOOMLA! Matters, pardner...

That's right, pilgrims, the headlines today are all about the new arrival to our community, baby Joomla! After the announcement, ramblin' began over on the OpenSourceMatters forum about creatin' a new logo or a slogan for the new project.

It dint take no time for the community to recover from the good news and start creatin' a new brand to sear our cattle with, and such.

Baby Joomla! in the paper!

Why aint that cute, and sure enough the OSM and new joomla.com sites struggled somewhat with the rush of new "joomlans"in the excitement. The new Joomla! web hq has a good lowdown of what's happenin' and where Joomla is headed.

They even announce on the site to developers that they're plannin' a new "Forge" for projects, which will surely get some more drive into our new community.

In other news, yours truly is officially the #1 "Leader of Love" over at MamboLove!Awww, see, I knew ya loved me! I got the Love Points to prove it, gosh durnit!

Now it's time for this ol' cowboy to get some shuteye!

Thankye kindly for readin'

The Lone Mamber