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Howdy pardner...

I'd like to welcome you to this here page o'mine, which has been whipped up in no time flat to give some support and outside discussion to the presently stunned Mambo open source project and community.

Why you say? What the heck is this all about? Well pilgrim, you've found yer way to just the place ya'll need to be to get those queries answered. Sure 'nuff this here place is where we can maybe have a chuckle over what's been goin' down of late, maybe even open some eyes to where this all could be headed.

So kick back in front o' the fire and we'll spin some yarns about what could be the biggest showdown Mambo has ever seen in the ol' west

Thankye kindly fer visitin',

The Lone Mamber

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The long wait before dawn...

Well, the past days have been a mite quiet, Foundation board members stopped replying to the community's queries and all that's goin' on now is mild debate between a few who still hope for an answer...

It's a darn shame it's come to this, the idea of an open source Foundation don't rightly have to be a bad one. Surely if it had been open as the prairie and as clear as the night time sky in the desert, instead of as muddied as... well.. mud... Things might have been different, if only there wasn't so much out and out greed involved.

So it seems all we can do now is wait...

The guy Peter Lamont invited over for coffee has left a comment here though, it seems he's planning to spring an ambush on the Miro offices with a bunch of questions passed on from the community. Who knows if this ploy will garner anything that Mr Lamont hasn't already let slip, but it's worth a try. So good luck with that, pardner.

Another member of the community, who wishes to remain unknown, sent over his contribution to the cause. A few tongue-in-cheek protest banners ya'll can whack on your websites to let the world know we aint gonna take no tomfoolery from these Miro varmits without a fight.

As you can see, the ol' mambo flower is somewhat deflated, with Miro in the traditional mambo style. Well, it's less wacky than this here page, so if ya'll want to stick it on your page, or even on a t-shirt, click and save away.

If ya'll have any ideas to contribute to the cause, feel free to leave a comment here or contact The Lone Mamber directly at lonemamberATgmail.com

That's all for now, although I'm sure there'll be somethin' more to ramble on soon enough.

Fingers crossed and guns loaded, pilgrims...